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As a forester, I drive anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 miles per year. The properties that I manage are usually 45 to 90 miles away from my home. Lately, gas prices have been on the rise. I know this is bad news for most of us, but it is especially bad news for those who are self employed and have to travel frequently for work. As a small business owner, my profits are lower because of higher fuel prices unless I find ways to cut fuel costs and improve fuel efficiency. If that can't be done, I must pass the increased cost on to my clients. 

Lint, the tiny, not so quiet computer killer

Here I am, only three days in to my new forestry/technology blog and I'm deviating from forestry already. I wanted to write about the release of the new iPad, but I want to get my hands on one and spend some time with it over the weekend to be able to write something that's somewhat knowledgeable. And, something else came along that was worth writing about. That's right, it's lint. I classify it as lint, but it's made up of lint, dust, pet hair, and other unknown particles, but for the sake of making things easy, I'm just going to call it lint. Have I grossed you out yet?

Protect seedlings with a coffee can

If you've ever planted pine seedlings and wanted to go back to spray herbicide around the trees, you know it can be tricky. Some chemicals, like Arsenal, will not damage the pines if sprayed with the right concentration of chemical. If you want to spray something like Roundup, however, you can severely damage the tree if you get chemical on the leaves or needles. So, here's a tip on how to spray around young seedlings without damaging them.

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