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Pi Day, A Year Later

A year ago today I launched this blog, not knowing it would play a part in changing my life. What better day to launch a technology themed blog than on Pi Day (3/14), right? This morning, I walked through the campus of Southern Polytechnic State University (where I am pursuing a Masters in Computer Science) on the way to my assistantship and noticed Pi signs taped on buildings and signs. The geeks here at SPSU are celebrating Pi Day today with several events including a 3.14 mile run, a pi(e) walk, a pi(e) in the face (of your professor) fundraiser, and a pi(e) art show.


I was looking forward to Google I/O starting today. I planned to write about the new Google Nexus 7 tablet and the updated Jelly Bean Android 4.1 operating system. I also considered writing about the massive wildfires in Colorado. As a forester, I am especially interested in the fires and wish I could go out there to assist in some way. 

We are cutting the cord!

Cable companies and satellite television providers call it a myth, but cord cutting is a reality. What is cord cutting? Cord cutting is when someone cancels their cable or satellite television service for alternative sources. Most cord cutters rely on receiving over-the-air television broadcasts with an antenna and online streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. Some just settle for a good book.

Alabama Forest Owners Associaton Wrap Up

On April 21, I spoke at the Alabama Forest Owners Association (AFOA) annual meeting about Android and iOS apps that can be used in forestry for landowners, property managers, and foresters. Many of the apps can be found here on ForestGeek.com in the review or tips sections. I was pleased with the amount of people that were interested and the positive feedback I received. 

Would you give up your Facebook password for a job? Maybe it is time for a personal privacy policy.

This week, there was an article on Yahoo News about how a company asked a job candidate for the password to his Facebook account during a job interview. I was shocked by the story and was happy to hear the candidate withdrew his application for the job and moved on. I can't believe that any company would have the gall to ask for such a thing. I would NEVER comply with that no matter how desperate I was to get a job.

Lint, the tiny, not so quiet computer killer

Here I am, only three days in to my new forestry/technology blog and I'm deviating from forestry already. I wanted to write about the release of the new iPad, but I want to get my hands on one and spend some time with it over the weekend to be able to write something that's somewhat knowledgeable. And, something else came along that was worth writing about. That's right, it's lint. I classify it as lint, but it's made up of lint, dust, pet hair, and other unknown particles, but for the sake of making things easy, I'm just going to call it lint. Have I grossed you out yet?

Happy Pi(e) Day!

Happy Pi Day! Every year on March 14 (3.14), geeks around the globe celebrate pi day. So, it seemed like the only appropriate day to launch forestgeek.com. Thank you for visiting the site. As a forester and a self professed tech geek, I was thinking of how I could mesh the two. This site is what I came up with. Here you'll find forestry and technology news, product and service reviews, and tips/tricks of the trade. I can't promise that every blog post, review, or tip will be forestry related but I'll try my best to post content that is interesting.

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