Protect seedlings with a coffee can


If you've ever planted pine seedlings and wanted to go back to spray herbicide around the trees, you know it can be tricky. Some chemicals, like Arsenal, will not damage the pines if sprayed with the right concentration of chemical. If you want to spray something like Roundup, however, you can severely damage the tree if you get chemical on the leaves or needles. So, here's a tip on how to spray around young seedlings without damaging them.

You'll need a shovel handle, a drill, a screw, and an empty coffee can (or any other #10 can). First drill a small hole in the center of the bottom of the coffee can. Make sure it's a little smaller than the sized of your screw. You may want to drill a pilot hole in the bottom of the shovel handle as well. Place the bottom of the coffee up to the bottom of the shovel handle and screw them together from inside the can. Now you have a device that you can put over each tree as you spray that protects it from the chemical.

EXTRA: While doing a little research on coffee cans, I found a website with instructions on how to make coffee can stilts. This may not be something we would ever think of doing, but if you have young children or grandchildren, this might be a fun activity to do with them. It's low tech but maybe it will get them away from their computer, tv, or their favorite gaming device for a bit. Check out this site for more details.

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