Pi Day, A Year Later

A year ago today I launched this blog, not knowing it would play a part in changing my life. What better day to launch a technology themed blog than on Pi Day (3/14), right? This morning, I walked through the campus of Southern Polytechnic State University (where I am pursuing a Masters in Computer Science) on the way to my assistantship and noticed Pi signs taped on buildings and signs. The geeks here at SPSU are celebrating Pi Day today with several events including a 3.14 mile run, a pi(e) walk, a pi(e) in the face (of your professor) fundraiser, and a pi(e) art show. I say "geeks" lovingly of course, being one myself. As I walked, I started thinking about what Pi Day means to me.

Pi Day signifies a new beginning in my life. Last year, about this time, I decided to change my career path from forestry to technology (or maybe merge my two passions one day). I launched this blog, applied for and was accepted to graduate school, landed an assistantship on campus, and completed my first semester of college in over 15 years. I even managed to earn a 4.0, something I never accomplished as an undergrad. In the last year, partially because of launching this blog, I have had some really great opportunities to speak at forestry conferences about technology. I traveled to Oregon, Idaho, and Alabama a couple of times. I was asked to write an article that was published in a national forest landowner magazine. I was even asked by one of my professors to speak as an "expert" to another graduate class about the forestry uses of digital imagery from a GIS perspective and beyond. I will be speaking in Oregon again later this year and hope to speak at the National Society of American Foresters Convention in October. 

I'm excited about the future of technology and my career path. I attended a tech meet-up last night at the CareerBuilder.com offices in Norcross. It was a great networking opportunity and it gave me hope that I have made the right decision with my career path.

So what's next? Well, I'm going to keep putting my best foot forward with my school work. As far as this blog is concerned, I hope to post a little more often. I'll be posting soon about how Google broke my heart, three new tablets to worth checking out, and Samsung's newest phone, the Galaxy S4. Stay tuned for more. Thanks for reading and being a part of my journey.

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