Microsoft announces Windows Phone 8


I make no secret that I am an Android user. But, prior to purchasing my Galaxy Nexus, I was using a Windows Mobile phone. My Touch Pro 2 by HTC was a good phone in its day, but it became obsolete quickly with the release of the iPhone and Android.
I was impressed when Microsoft introduced Windows Phone 7 as the successor to Windows Mobile. The new operating system was impressive, but the lack of phone choices and applications made it easy to switch platforms. I immediately gravitated towards Android due to its similar file structure, application choices, and its customization options.   
Microsoft announced their new Windows Phone 8 operating system yesterday at the Windows Phone Summit. The new OS updates and adds many new features to the phone. The newest OS runs on the same Kernel as Windows 8 and Windows RT. This will make it easier for developers to create apps that will work on multiple Windows devices. 
Some of the new features include the ability to resize the live tiles on the home screen, new security and encryption for enterprise users, and a new default mapping application. Windows Phone 8 will adopt Nokia Maps as its default mapping client. In some countries it will include turn-by-turn navigation (another nail in the coffin of GPS device makers). Two new HD screen resolutions were also announced. 
The biggest disappointment of the Windows Phone 8 announcement is the OS will not work on current Windows Phone 7.5 devices. So, if users want Window Phone 8, they will have to go buy a new phone. Current Windows Phone owners will receive an update to version 7.8 that will include the ability to resize the live tiles. That is the only feature of Windows Phone 8 current users will be able to enjoy. 
I am going to give Windows Phone another look when the new phones are released this Fall. I will try to get my hands on one for a few days to write a review. I do not think I'll be leaving Android any time soon but I am very interested to see how Microsoft's ecosystem of devices continues to develop with Windows Phone 8, Windows 8/RT tablets, PCs, and Xbox. I think Microsoft is heading in the right direction and I am excited to see what the future holds.

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