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Georgia State Bar takes aim at Consulting Foresters

The State Bar of Georgia has issued a public hearing notice for June 1, 2012 to determine whether a consulting forester that uses a timber sale contract without hiring a lawyer constitutes the unlicensed practice of law. A lawyer has filed a complaint on the issue, therefore the State Bar is required to hold a hearing. The notice describes the situation as follows:

Forget gas, fill up your tank with wood

I love my truck, but I really hate when I have to fill up the 36 gallon fuel tank. As gas prices remain in the $3-4 range, it usually costs over $100 to fill up my Ford F150. I am always looking for ways to lower my fuel costs and increase fuel efficiency to offset the impact of higher gas prices on my wallet.  Last month,  I wrote about a way to lower my fuel costs by using the GasBuddy app to help find the cheapest nearby gas prices. I use the app every time I start thinking about stopping to fill up my truck.

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